Wednesday, July 9, 2014



I am a traveler
In my heart
To a place of sky and sea—
A sky so pure,
Deepest blue,
Sea, same color
As the sky—

Not so distant
As the farthest reaches
Of the earth or so
Inaccessible, yet
Sufficiently remote
So that solitude
Is a lone bird

And silence
Is the expanse
Between two gray islands
Barely visible
As you stand
Atop a cliff
Dropping steeply
Down to shore.

Breakers whisper
As I breathe in sweet air.
Inhaling to my fill,
I lose all appetite
And dine on the wind.
No longer corporeal,
I am a subsistent soul.

Originally published in Magis: Official Publication of the Magis Deo Community (July 2014), page 12

Also published in Journeys Along the Silk Road (Lost Tower Publications, 2015), page 48

Batan island, view overlooking the West Philippine Sea

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