Saturday, February 14, 2015

Your love is a meal we share…

Your love is a meal we share…

Your love is a meal we share, stopping as events blink by.
We are waiting trains, rushing travelers hop in and out.
Time slows, a luminous animal patrolling the depths.
We visit the bubble of an artisan polishing a vase.
Sitting down, transfixed by a moment of white jade,
We recall lolling on the sand as the outstretched arm
Of a comet flashed our future across a sable sky.
You sip my glass of wine, swirling it toward your lips.
I scoop toward you heaps of fresh rice steaming fragrant clouds.
We gaze at many dishes, teeming fields quilting a fertile valley.

Originally published in Blast Furnace, Volume 4, Issue 4 (December 14, 2014)

You sip my glass of wine...

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