Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sparkling river of silence…

Sparkling river of silence…

Sparkling river of silence,
Traveler along a shadowy forest floor—
I drink deep draughts, lasting,
Of your overflowing stillness!

Tipping your goblet,
I taste your brightness
As floral wine
Swirling inside a crystal

And breathe in perfume.
Fingers of a spellbound existence
Stop my ears.
Awe, a thief, steals my voice.

Bereft of noise, I am
Transfixed as the moon
Hovering, windless night,
Balanced on the sword tip of time.

The world is motionless
As my spirit moves
And my stumbling heart is filled
By a presence…and quiet…

A quiet presence.

Path to Ambrosia (2014) by Linda Bigness


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  2. “Light” version of poem by the same title