Monday, December 14, 2015

Your love is a flowing river…

Your love is a flowing river…

Your love is a flowing river leading me toward isolated caverns of tranquility,
Restful as the liquid colloquy curling round and round reflective stones sitting in a
     mountain brook
Nestled high along the hem of a darkening leather tundra.
Fold me into your heart like linen
In cabinets freshly perfumed with cotton,
Bind me fast to yourself as a sash in celebration,
Cradle me in your hand where I will dwell in the cup,
Unwinding knots at the end of a day burnished by fire.

Originally published in The Effects of Grace, Kindle ed., edited by Alice Saunders (Tampa, Florida: TL Publishing Group LLC, December 9, 2015), Kindle eBook, page 22

Mountain river flowing through conifer forest

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