Sunday, July 31, 2016

Morning steps forward...

Morning steps forward…

Morning steps forward, freshly washed, newly fed, tautly wound, a limber bow,
Ready to spring, tumble, wheel, pull at oars, throw the hammer, leap the long jump,
High kick, vault, cartwheel forward, lunge, Superman punch, elbow strike, grapple,
Throw, bound, mount a motorcycle, zip, zap, round and round the block,
Water ski, slicing the surface—fine fillets—smoothly, upswept, propelled by a parachute of air,
Sling saucers aloft, spinning pizza dough, snare them whirling on sticks, bob, bobble,
Hop, flip bowls from foot to head, head to foot, right to left, left, right, back again.

Originally published in The Penmen Review (April 1, 2016)

Ready to spring, tumble, wheel...

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