Sunday, December 25, 2016



When our planet like a lady
Tilting away from the sun
Shields her fair complexion,
Slightly dropping her chin,
Overcast skies turn balmy,
Temperate, pleasant, fair
Despite intermittent rains—
Christmas season heralded.

Christmas is here, so is joy.
Giddy euphoria springs
Not from clement weather
But from a spirit, indefatigable,
Exhilarating as sea salt air
Entering, freshly, your heart
Awash, suddenly, with
Inexplicable happiness.

Cascading water, gladsome
Songs, gathers in pools.
Gifts ready for harvest
Tarry, candies in a bowl.
Blessings of family and friends
Wreathe round the dining table.
Day is a swiftly sailing ship,
Night, glittery ice hotel.

The Christmas tale is retold—
Salvation of humanity
Born in obscurity
To a virgin, miraculously,
Husband, a peasant—
The story never tires.
Yes, the mighty are brought low,
The lowly lifted to great heights.

Originally published in The Galway Review (February 15, 2016)

Nativity (1946) detail by Evie Hone

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  1. Image of Nativity (1946) detail by Evie Hone, stained glass window located at Saint Stanislaus College, Tullabeg, Ireland

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