Sunday, August 2, 2015



Let us bake bread today.
Let us labor, let us stir
Wheat flour, honey, butter,
Add salt and warm water,
Leaven—waken yeast,
Breathing now,
Mold it all in one elastic ball,
Polish it with olive oil,
Wrap it,
And wait.
Wait for what?
Don’t ask questions.
Just wait.
It rises:
Promise of surety,
Plume of hope.
Knead the dough, roll it flat,
Fold it thick and thicker,
Push it down using
Heels of your palms.
The best part is
Dough smiles
At becoming
A new creation.
Pressing together,
You, the dough, are one.
More olive oil, wrap again,
Wait again.
It rises.
Stoke the oven, shove it in.
Rising some more,
Freshly scented, golden brown,
Dawn has come to the door.
Day raps on the plate.
Napkins fold greetings.
Break off a piece,

Originally published in aaduna, Volume V, Issue 1 (Spring 2015)

You, the dough, are one.

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  1. Photo courtesy of The George DeLallo Company