Monday, August 10, 2015

Our lives together…

Our lives together...

Our lives together are braided vines.
We scale a wall watered by the sun,
Our roots meet in soil fed by rain.
Your arms in sinuous embrace
Lift us to climb ever higher.
Your eyes are nodding leaves,
Good fortune is the breeze.
Budding forth, your kindnesses
Blossom, imperishable.
Let us bask in the day entering
As liminal shadows open shutters.
When the gardener comes by,
I will ask him to trim our love
So that it intertwines forever.

Originally published in The Furious Gazelle (April 28, 2015)

Our lives together are braided vines.


  1. Also published in Contemporary Poetry: An Anthology of Present Day Best Poems, Volume 2, Dr. Pradeep Chaswal and Dr. Deepak Chaswal, eds. (Scotts Valley, California: On-Demand Publishing, LLC, 2015), page 23


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