Friday, August 28, 2015



Coffee is a brown man
Made from soil,
Pressed into shape,
Fired shiny,
Waxen as a lizard,
Hat white like dried-out shells,
Pulling at reins of a rearing horse,
Hooves sharp as pickaxes
Kicking up bright clouds of lime.

Dark and fragrant visitor,
He makes his diffident presence felt:
Memories of fresh bread,
Woody nuts,
Heady camphor.
They lighten
Slumbering burdens,
Heavy luggage hauled about
By traveling sleepwalkers.

Swinging open the cabinet,
He hands out syrups to sweeten
Unfulfilled dreams,
Hot poultices to soothe
Unforgotten nightmares,
Tonics for the family,
Ointments for friends,
Infusions for the jaded,
Bandages for the heart. 

Coffee is a brown man made from soil...

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